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High Performance Services

4.0 Industry, ML, and AI

We work with companies to develop and optimize digital transformation in a fast, flexible and secure way. We develop Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management algorithms for IoT systems to optimize activities at the production and business levels.

Software design and optimization

Handling large amounts of data requires careful code optimization in order to take full advantage of all available performance of computing environments.

Installation and Managing

We handle all design and operational aspects of creating high-performance computing environments, including verification and optimization of existing systems.

HPC on demand

All the computing capacity you need, when you need it. On-demand HPC services allow you to scale easily and quickly based on actual needs without thinking about cost and infrastructure constraints.

Formation and training

Training is a key element in meeting the challenges of digitization, which requires new tools but also new skills. These are needed to safely transform business processes and adapt them over time to the new demands of an increasingly competitive market characterized by constant change.

eXact lab becomes a Benefit Company
Being a Benefit Society means we have an innovative new legal form that allows us to achieve, in addition to our profit goals, an additional goal that has always been in our heartstrings: to have a positive impact on the society in which we operate.

Nothing changes in our commitment to our customers and business activities, but we add one aspect that is fundamental for us: the creation of shared value.
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Programming and languages

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Programming and languages

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