Installation and Managing

We handle all design and operational aspects of creating high-performance computing environments, including verification and optimization of existing systems.

Design implementation and ready-to-use HPC systems

We design, implement, and deploy high-performance computing (HPC) systems. We undertake needs analysis, optimization, and deployment of the entire computing system to deliver ready-to-use systems to the customer.

HPC systems for the AI

Our expertise enables us to design and implement HPC systems for AI from both the hardware and software management perspectives. Particular attention is paid to storage system management to optimize data access, which is crucial in this field.

Audits of HPC environments

We provide services of analysis and verification of HPC systems so that we can assess the existing environment and check the scope for improvement and optimization.

High Performance File System and Storage Design

We have expertise in high-performance storage design to enable optimization of overall infrastructure performance. Here we handle both the hardware design and installation part and the parallel file system installation on Ceph, Lustre and BeeGFS technologies.

Installation and Managing