HPC on demand

All the computing capacity you need, when you need it. On-demand HPC services allow you to scale easily and quickly based on actual needs without thinking about cost and infrastructure constraints.

Public Cloud

Our many years of experience in HPC, BigData management and analysis, and software and filesystem optimization, allow us to transfer our expertise to the Public Cloud environment as well. We take care of the identification, the sizing and the optimization of the best Public environments to accompany customers to bring their computing environments to the public cloud.

C3HPC: the cloud infrastructure of eXact lab

Started as a research project in collaboration with Carnia Industrial Park, it is now the cloud computing service that provides on-demand HPC at any level.

C3HPC services range from pay-per-use approaches at different levels (core/h and core/storage), to full HPC stack support, peak management, and customization and optimization of scientific and technical applications, including data management, remote visualization services, and provisioning of virtual servers for customized solutions.

HPC on demand