Formation and training

Training is a key element in meeting the challenges of digitization, which requires new tools but also new skills. These are needed to safely transform business processes and adapt them over time to the new demands of an increasingly competitive market characterized by constant change.

Training and further education courses

Not only cutting-edge tools, but also skills. We conduct training courses to transfer digital knowledge and technical skills to corporate staff.

The goal is to make people not only autonomous in the day-to-day management of digital infrastructure, but also proactive in testing and adopting new technologies.

These are also key characteristics for interfacing efficiently and preparedly with external service providers.

Customized training courses

We can create custom training courses on the following topics:

  • User training in the use of High Performance Computing systems.
  • installation and management of HPC systems
  • ML and AI algorithms
  • Software optimization and parallel programming on HPC systems
  • BigData management and optimization
  • IoT interfacing techniques
  • parallel and distributed filesystems (Lustre, CEPH and BeeGFS)

Our courses can be tailored to actual business needs and are delivered both in-person and remotely.

Formation and training