For eXact, this milestone represents recognition of our commitment to ensuring high quality standards with regard to:

  • client satisfaction
  • the drive towards continuous improvement
  • process ottimization
  • management involvement

With ISO 9001 eXact receives a quality certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements with reference to the following purpose:

Development of platforms for management in high-performance computing environments. Development and optimization of scientific and data analysis software. Training and education activities in data engineering and high-performance computing.

Quality policy

The maximum customer satisfaction, the quality of the product supplied and the service provided, along with compliance with mandatory legal requirements, are the main objectives that eXact lab pursues over time through continuous and timely improvement of its processes, products and services provided.

For eXact lab, human resources are the engine of the company and of innovation. That is why in recent years the company has invested heavily in training young talents a top-notch research and development team.

Ours is a Benefit Society, an innovative new legal form that enables us to achieve, in addition to our profit-related goals, an additional objective that has always been in our hearts: to have a positive impact on the society in which we operate. Nothing changes in our commitment to our customers and business activities, but we add one aspect that is fundamental for us: the creation of shared value.

Convinced that, for maximum and long lasting Customer satisfaction, as well as for the achievement of the set objectives, the support, involvement and satisfaction of everyone and at all levels within the Organization is very important, and that staff training is indispensable not only with regard to the performed activities, but also with regard to broader topics involving the entire organization, we train and inform our employees regarding the contents of the Quality Policy, the Corporate Objectives and the Quality Management System Structure and Contents according to the degree of involvement

In order to excel in the quality of products and services provided, eXact lab has set itself to:

  • Optimize its own processes by reducing waste;
  • Conduct a process quality control activity with measurable and necessarily improvable targets;
  • Carry out audits of the quality management system, thus enabling the identification of areas that can be improved;
  • enhance the contribution of human resources in service delivery;
  • Seek out cutting-edge technological and production resources in order to try to best meet the needs of customers by meeting their known or perceived expectations.