About Us

eXact-lab is a high-tech company that provides solutions, training and on-demand access in the HPC and data market. Our specialties cover a wide range of approaches: from procuring access to mission-critical HPC systems, maximizing the effectiveness of existing systems at client premises to on demand Cloud HPC services through our own C3HPC infrastructure.

Founded in 2011 by three researchers with more than ten years experience in the field of HPC, eXact lab began as a startup located in Trieste (Italy) and now it is a pioneeristic SME specialized in defining the best HPC solutions that fit clients’ specific HPC needs, both in governmental and private sectors. What started as a spin-off of IOM-CNR institute eventually became a huge project and a concrete business. eXact lab focuses on a reference market in which it offers high value services, distinguishing itself for its specialization and for having developed business relationships in Italy and abroad.

our milestones


eXact lab is partner of the ARES project, which has the aim to develop and integrate innovative experimental and computational techniques towards a personalized therapy of glioblastoma.

BeStartUp 2017

The prize was awarded as part of the “Startup Innovative. Opportunità per crescere in Fvg”.


eXact lab part of the EUSMI project with the goal to setup a scientific data repository for the  European soft matter infrastructure.

OpenViewSHIP project

eXact lab successfully completed the regional project releasing the final version of the Viznode, a key component of C3HPC infrastructure for remote visualization.

Xeris project

eXact lab releases a cloud platform for seismic hazard assessment.

C3HPC service

eXact lab launch the C3HPC service: a powerful and efficient infrastructure for HPC on demand available to anyone.

ExaNeSt EU project

eXact lab is partner in the development of the most challenging architectures in next-generation computing.

Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan)

eXact lab installs an HPC infrastructure for research in Genomics

Our challenge begins

Francesco De Giorgi

co-Founder & CEO

Making HPC easier to accelerate digital transformation in SME.

Stefano Cozzini


Development scientist active in HPC data infrastructure.

Moreno Baricevic


My on-going mission: to further acquire new skills, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifeand new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. 

Our team

Giuseppe Piero Brandino

head of R&D

Eugenio Naselli

junior HPC sys. adm.

Francesca Asselti

project manager

Sara Folchini

Junior HPC sys. adm

Ettorina Piacini

Administrative/ Financial officer

Franco Vaccari

Xeris project manager

Alberto Chiusole

Junior HPC sys. adm.