The demand

The EUSMI project is born to provide an interdisciplinary infrastructure for soft-matter research to support more than 300 advanced projects in four years.

The existing infrastructure will be continuously improved and advanced by the Joint Research Activity (JRA). In addition, an ambitious networking program will ensure efficient dissemination and communication, as well as the continued training of established researchers and the training of an emerging generation of scientists.

The activity

There are two main tasks in this project. The first one is the development of a tool for online Data Analysis and Interpretation as a Service (DAIS). eXact lab hosts the infrastructure on a cloud system. The services of the tool are available to all EUSMI users since the installation on the cloud. The second one is the testing phase and the implementation of the software components made by the other partners.

The benefits

The benefits of the EUSMI project are the following:

► The implementation of an integrated multidisciplinary research infrastructure will provide users from the scientific and industrial sectors with the full suite of methods and techniques required to pursue the most ambitious research projects;

► Improving the available infrastructure to guarantee that European scientists will always have the most advanced options to perform their research;

► Contributing to the dissemination of scientific results and the exploitation of technical foreground as well as to the training and continued education of researchers to create a broad knowledge basis.

The client

EUSMI received, financial support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The EUSMI consortium gathers 21 partners from 12 countries.