4.0 Industry, ML and AI

We work with companies to develop and optimize digital transformation in a fast, flexible and secure way. We develop Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management algorithms for IoT systems to optimize activities at the production and business levels.

ML/AI Algorithms for the 4.0 Industry

Our proven expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm development is available to the industry to apply that technological change that becomes the key enabler for a company’s strategic priorities.

Simulations and Digital Twins

We build digital twin systems for the digital representation of processes, systems and objects where we can test, simulate and model the behavior of industrial assets in digital format within virtual environments.

Predictive maintenance systems

We are able to implement predictive maintenance systems and models applied in Industry 4.0, with which critical situations and malfunctions of company production tools and assets can be determined in advance, resulting in the possibility of significant savings.

Data management for IoT systems

We have experience in building hardware and software infrastructure for BigData management. These solutions enable data from IoT systems to be used with AI and machine learning models in order to transform raw data into high value-added information for the business.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Bringing a Machine Learning model into production by integrating it into existing business processes is one of the first barriers to the adoption of new technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

To solve this problem we created Panama, a product that uses our expertise in DevOps to facilitate production deployment of Machine Learning projects. Panama is an integrated development environment to uniquely manage the different needs coming from the various professional profiles (ML engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers) involved in a project complete with all its phases: design, training and testing, deployment.

Deployment to production can then occur extremely quickly with significant benefits for the adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models in manufacturing, ensuring a return on investment beyond simple PoC (Proof of Concept).

4.0 Industry, ML and AI