Success Stories


C3HPC is hosting a business continuity service to ARPA-FVG running daily the weather forecast model for our region.


eXact lab provides the ecosystem to store and analyse all the data obtained within EUSMI project.

NFFA Europe Project

eXact lab provides state of the art deep learning packages to classify images at the nanoscale, in collaboration with NFFA Europe project.


eXact lab team completed the installation of the VizNode, a key component of the computational ecosystem proposed by the openViewSHIP project.

KND Sailing Performance

KND is using the C3HPC platform to perform computational fluido dynamics (CFD) simulations when they need them.


XeRis is a Cloud platform for seismic hazard assessment and it is based on the innovative approach (NDSHA) developed at the University of Trieste.

ExaNeSt EU project

eXact lab is partner in the development of the most challenging architectures in next-generation computing.

Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan)

eXact lab installed and configured the HPC infrastructure used by the research centre in Genomics at San Raffaele.

Master in HPC

MHPC Students use the C3HPC as a daily infrastructure to learn HPC tools and tricks. We are proud to provide our platform to form the new class of HPC experts.