HPC for Business

What can HPC do for your business?

HPC is no more a privilege for a few big companies with huge sales. Our team is at disposal to encourage small companies to evaluate and introduce HPC methodologies to enable modelling and simulation, also by providing pay-per-use access to applications and planning with you the right system that fits exactly your needs and requirements, without wasting money.
Transforming an idea into a project requires the help of computers, even if a small cluster is still a too large investment for most companies, especially the small and medium-size ones. eXact lab offers a low-risk opportunity to try out HPC, thanks to a cloud approach setting up high level services where to run your application. By combining HPC and cloud computing, SME can gain the benfits without buying their own systems.
If your server is not enough to run your application programs or if you need help to maintain your HPC resources, our team will support you by finding the best solution that fit your business.